The Flying Bear is committed to giving back to our community. One way we do that is through our Flying Bear Banquet. For qualifying local organizations, we offer the opportunity to partner with us for a family style dinner fundraiser. This special banquet is promoted by your organization, and tickets are sold by your members. In return, a portion of the ticket price will be donated to your cause. 

how it works

1. We check our promotional calendar to see when we have available dates for your event.

2. You provide us with your organization electronic logo.


3. We will create the tickets with the price, date, time of dinner, and entree choices that has been predetermined and agreed upon with the lead contact.


4. Your crew promotes and sells tickets for the event through your organization's members, friends, family, neighbors, etc. We will need to know in advance how many tickets were sold. Tickets cannot be sold at the door


5. Dinners will be served in a family dining style of service, where they arrive at tables set up for service with their salad and bread course.


6. Service per sitting should take approximately 1 hour. We are capable of 2 sittings at dinner and a 60 person limit per service.


7. If you aren't able to dine-in at the Flying Bear, we are equipped to make adjustments in location, if needed.



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